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    Customers invest their money as per their desire and that the customer will bear all risks for investing their money in Vipraja Solutions.  Vipraja solutions will not be responsible or liable for any losses arising by any means. In particular but without limitation, Vipraja Solutions will not be accountable or liable for any Loss suffered or incurred as a consequence of failure or delay in executing deposits or withdrawals caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Vipraja Solutions has the right to perform periodical Customer’s data verification, in particular by requesting him to submit documentation, explanation, information. If Customers will not satisfy the Vipraja Solution’s request, the company shall be entitled to refuse execute or freeze the transaction as well as to stop deposits and withdrawals.

    Deposits and withdrawals are credited only on working days.

    Vipraja solutions in no way guarantees quick disbursement of money as there are various upgrades, technical works that are done periodically on the website and application. So, customers are required to wait as per the company instructions which are liable to change from time to time depending upon various scenarios.

    Customers understands and acknowledges that buying and selling any Funds, IVC coins, MTC coins or any other financial assets or other financial instruments is their own desire and that Vipraja Solutions nor any of their Service Provider nor its affiliates provide any investment recommendations in connection, nor do they give any advice or offer any opinion with respect to the suitability, profitability or appropriateness regarding any investment, Funds or their financial instruments. Customer themselves are responsible for determining whether an investment strategy is suitable for them. All transactions will be done only online. In particular any information delivered on social media, Whataspp messages or normal message in particular is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal or financial advice. 

    Buying and selling of IVC Coins, MTC coins or any other financial instruments or assets made through Vipraja solutions website or IVC app involves inherent financial risk and no one should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial advisor and conducting his or her own research and due diligence. Further, the profitability is totally dependable on market fluctuations and that Vipraja Solutions does not guarantee any profit that will be delivered to the customer. No customer can claim any money, profit or any sort of liquid assets or cash or financial resources from the company.